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HAP is humanizing the compliance and
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Know exactly what skills are in your audit and verification network and manage your supply chain's assurance activities more efficiently than ever.
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HAP Circles of Trust
HAP Trust Circles was built so business can enjoy the convenience and flexibility that modern networks provide without compromising the quality, integrity or privacy of enterprise level services. It all starts with our HAP Smart Network and expert governance team.
HAP Uses Artificial Intelligence to Increase Personalization
HAP is jam packed with risk identification features designed to give business peace of mind. HAP Trust Circles allows any size business to build their own skill-based assurance network. You can customize the appropriate mix of local auditor or verifier skills, based on their actual performance track record and the unique needs of your value chain. While you work, HAP actively monitors daily work-stream data and proactively identifies problems that might surface downstream.

AI for Proactive Risk Recognition
We built HAP to take your assurance program beyond the expected. Using data and deep learning modeling, the core issue HAP solves is proactive risk recognition throughout the compliance and sustainability work stream. When it comes to risk perfection, there is no substitute for real data. HAP is not a predetermined simulator of what auditors or verifiers might do in a messy supply chain, it’s the continuous real-time performance management of actual assurance activities. We collect massive workstream data and leverage our network to improve the overall system.
HAP is what can be achieved when we bring people together to shape vision and inspire action.
Andre Raghu, CEO HAP
Previously at: Cipla
India Microbiology & Chemical Analysis
HAP is Transforming the Way Business Thinks
About Global Assurance Services

If you are looking for a general auditor or verifier to simply check a box, then this would not be a place where you will find your needs being met.

If you are seeking assessors with specialized skills, similar education and technical training, a desire for greater accountability, purpose and humanization of the compliance and sustainability work stream - then HAP is absolutely your home.
Previously at: Reebok and Adidas
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