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HAP Smart Network.
Compliance with a Purpose.

The HAP Smart Network combines AI technology with resource identification and compliance services - all in one place.
We’re building a community of skills for the sustainable
supply chain of tomorrow.
HAP uses proprietary deep learning & issue recognition software to better integrate service providers into the compliance and sustainability work stream. We continually collect large real world datasets that are used to improve the network.
The result is work assignments delivered to you faster and more affordably by qualified firms or independent specialists with a passion to complete them.
Promote quality and integrity in your work through the only platform built to stop corruption and improve accountability. HAP drives consistency and professionalism of the compliance & sustainability work stream across the supply chain.
Every site location is different. Build a Customized, Skill-based, Compliance Network for your Value Chain.
Quickly assemble the skills and local expertise you need, exactly when and where you need them under ONE global service agreement and interface.
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Previously at: Marks and Spencer
Turkey Remediation Practitioner
Leverage Specialized Local Talent
HAP leads the largest, skills-based compliance and sustainability network of independent verifiers, remediation practitioners and specialized service providers, ready to tackle your most important supply chain due diligence initiatives. Network participants are committed to mandatory transparency, enhanced accountability and improving sustainability impacts across the value chain.
Apply to be a vetted service provider
Verifiable experience with compliance audits, assessments, or verification site visits for workplace conditions, responsible sourcing, payroll, occupational health and safety and supply chain security.
Verifiable experience with environmental audits, assessments, or verification site visits.
Verifiable experience with guiding factories through their improvement process.
Verifiable experience working with factories to provide training programs focused on helping participants solve real world issues in a practical way.
Verifiable experience with chemical management, audits, assessments, or verification site visits.
Verifiable experience working with workers in a variety of confidential settings to understand workplace perceptions. Demonstrate the knowledge, experience and compassion to carry out program goals.
Verifiable experience with recycling bin, waste, etc. audits, assessments, or verification site visits.
Verifiable experience with conducting site photo verification of corrective actions, site improvements, structures, etc.
We Power Continuous Performance
& Integrity Management
Goals and Real-Time
Performance Management
Align service provider and individual’s performance goals to top priorities
Ratings, Feedback and
Facilitate continuous education, skill development and performance calibration
Insights and Analytics
Unlock rich insights into service providers and individuals performance & development
Benefits of an Accountable System

No Conflicts + Purpose

We are in the business of more process quality and integrity, not more audits. We empower the entire supply chain to drive measurable performance improvement and impact.

Leading the Future of Compliance and Sustainability

Our network is ready for tomorrow's supply chain challenges by embracing advanced and specialized skills.

A Level of Above

Every service provider in our global network is committed to the highest levels of process transparency & integrity.

Beyond Accountability

HAP service providers are rigorously vetted. Our highly selective process leads to a global network of purpose driven professionals.
Compliance Made Smarter
Talk to one of our industry experts
An expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs and value chain.
Work with providers committed to integrity & transparency
HAP’s vetting tools and embedded process level controls drive long term quality & integrity performance.
The right skills, guaranteed
HAP’s AI driven skill measurement protocol & continuous performance management better integrates service providers into monitoring & verification programs.
Start putting smart compliance to work
Work in the way that you are use too, just better. One master services agreement, invoice and performance based compensation.
Transparent, Aligned Objectives Improve Agility
and Focus
Operate more confidently and transparently with your compliance and sustainability supply chain partners through HAP.
Unlock new levels of monitoring and integrity
Improve effectiveness with continuous ai-based governance, performance ratings, feedback and recognition.
Become less reactionary and anticipate risk
based on big data
With proactive industry expert governance, combined with ai-enabled operations monitoring, HAP drives continuous consistency and professionalism in your service provider work stream.