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The Operating System for Better Compliance.

Build a better compliance monitoring process for your supply chain with HAP. HAP technology and data-driven platform helps Retailers, Brands Suppliers and Service Providers drive long-term efficiencies & next-generation improvements in the compliance monitoring process.

HAP OS is a patent pending, innovative operating system for the supply chain compliance and sustainability industry. We built a global model around the concept that mandatory transparency and digitization with purpose are the basis for building a market that works for everyone.

Quality and Integrity Powered by
Artificial Intelligence
HAP is the new standard in Supply Chain Compliance. Build your supply chain capacity, strengthen leaders and foster collaboration.

HAP OS will take care of the rest!
Start Thinking Differently about Compliance
Replace ineffective systems.
Replace complex and ineffective back-end solutions with HAP OS. Get a single, cloud-delivered solution that unifies next generation supply chain compliance monitoring, visibility at the speed of thought, the right data for compliance users, price transparency, mobile smart device, digital assessments and world class IT security.
Get the help you needed.
We take on your biggest industry challenges. Start a better philosophy and approach to increasing long term efficiency in the monitoring process, as well as improve quality and integrity by engaging HAP OS to add 24/7 proactive risk management to your compliance monitoring program or have HAP OS delivered as fully managed service by our expert industry team.
Pivot to Proactive.
Empower every member of your team to get ahead of risk management by leveraging the predictive power of HAP OS and HAP advanced analytics. HAP OS weaves quality and integrity intelligence directly into your end-to-end compliance monitoring process, resulting in enhanced visibility, decision making and action.
Who Uses HAP OS?
Teams & Organizations
Expect more from your compliance
Audit Service Providers
Raise the bar & differentiate

Project Providers
Maximize potential by delivering a
new level of project transparency
The New Standard in Supply Chain Compliance

HAP OS: Teams and Organizations

HAP is Credibility Ready
As your complete business partner, we combine deep industry knowledge, leading operations research and future-ready technology innovations to help teams and organizations sharpen their audit, inspection and project integrity program focus as well as continuously drive long-term improvements in the quality and efficiency of their programs. As an independent platform, HAP removes conflicts of interest in the payment structures for audits, inspections and projects as well as provides real time, data driven accountability for those not in-line with your guidelines. HAP’s AI-enabled digitization + advanced traceability across service providers in the monitoring process, means everything just works better. 

HAP OS: Audit Service Providers

Make Smart Decisions and Differentiate your Audit Company
HAP OS acts as an independent central nervous system for your compliance auditor and inspector network operations. Leverage our deep compliance industry expertise to unlock a more effective long-term operating model that intelligently uses financial resources, while demonstrating to your customers that every audit, inspection or project matters. We fast track your leap to digitization through interactive, analytical capabilities that create a seamless experience with your existing physical operations. Make the most of your resources, increase revenue and give your customers the true value of your industry experience. HAP OS will ensure audit and inspection service providers sharpen their competitive edge and excel in the markets they serve.

HAP OS: Project Providers

HAP is Fast and Impactful; Just Like your Work
Now more than ever, companies need reliable local expertise to build capacity and improve social & sustainability performance in their supply chains. HAP helps nonprofits as well as training and development consultancy’s maximize potential by delivering a new level of project transparency and reliability in the talent behind the work. The HAP platform enables you to build trust in the project process across customers or funding partners, in a way you have never been able to do before. With HAP, development organizations of all sizes will build credibility in the global social & sustainability ecosystem and in turn act as pioneers for building better designed solutions, powered by grassroots experts.
We are not going to fight audit or project integrity with more of the same thing, we are going to fight it with more transparency, starting with the individuals themselves.
Andre Raghu, HAP CEO
Event based architecture
Advance analytics and
machine learning insights
User-device access roles
and permissions
Certified secure by
best in class
Advanced project
Resource identification
Fully digital risk group
Multiple platform support
Device-cloud connectivity with
mutual authentication
Built on world class cloud infrastructure
HAP. The business of better compliance.